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Play as agile bat in procedurally generated cave. Fly in direction you want avoiding traps and collect gold and gems. Contribute with your best hight score to national leaderboard.

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“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell

Choose your favorite bat and map and start your competitions today!

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Find gold and gems that compose your score.


Avoid deadly traps. Fly deeper and score more points.


Compare your best daily score with others.


Your best daily score contributes to national* leaderboard.

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Fact Sheet

  • game name: Tour de Cave
  • developer: Fractal Pal
  • release date: Android(12.08.2017), iOS(29.08.2017)
  • platforms: Android, iOS
  • languages: Engilsh, (more to follow)
  • social:
  • contact:
  • price: free
  • location: Warsaw, Poland
  • social tags: please use @tourdecave or #tourdecave in social media
  • download:

Tour de Cave is a new type, bidirectional, competitive endless flyer. Take a role of an agile bat and fly in procedurally generated caves to find gold and gems and compete with others for the highest score in daily map challenges. Avoid traps, slow down time and prepare your next move to chain up your collecting combo bonus.


Bit of history

Piotr (eng. Peter) Brzostowski is a polish software engineer with more than 10 years of experience. He comes from small city located at north-east of Poland where he started his career as a web developer. After 2 years he moved to Warsaw (capital city) to improve his skills and work in other ares – mobile apps. Game development is his free time passion for years but till now he has not publish any of his work to the public audience. Piotr likes procedurally generated content concept and few of his prototypes was built that way. Those prototypes helps him to finally create something interesting that he want to show for larger audience. Tour de Cave is his first completely self-made and published game. If it’s gets notice, he will for sure continue his passion and bring more fun games to the table.
Piotr founded Fractal Pal studio that released the game.

  • Explore a procedurally generated cave in direction you want. Not like in other endless runners/flyers where your move is restricted to one direction, in Tour de Cave you can fly left/right and up/down to freely explore the cave.
  • Slow down time while aiming for your next move. In our game you can slow down time during flying whats gives you time for movement preparation and helps you avoid traps that you will encounter more and more during cave exploration.
  • Collect gold and gems. In Tour de Cave your main goal is to collect various of gems that contributes to your final score. Each gem has its own rarity, so hardest to find gets your more points. In daily map every collected item can be picked up only once in given day. You need to explore deeper areas of the cave to found more gems. This brings caution to the play style, because you need to say alive to get the bests score.
  • Build up your score bonus chain. During gameplay, after every gem pickup players gets a small time window to collect next one and keep up bonus chain. This can improve players final score by a lot, so it’s important to keep it up as long as possible. More rarely gems adds more to the bonus.
  • Compete with others in daily map. Each and every day brings players newly generated cave that all compete on. Everyone play on same enviroment and can explore different areas as they play. This gives equally chances for every player so publicly visible top scores are fair enough. If someone gets a very height score it’s true that you can do it to, because cave setup in daily map is the same for everyone. Daily best score contributes to national* leaderboard.
  • Save your checkpoint. In Tour de Cave players can found special stalactites where is possible to save a checkpoint for the future. This helps a lot in cave exploration keeping visited areas behind. Using them can avoid flying again in areas where gems was collected.
  • Spend your gold and diamonds in in-game shop. Diamonds are the rarest gems in-game, that are treated as a game premium currency that you can spend in in-game shop for new bats and maps. Gold on the other hand can be used to buy cave treasure chest that randomly gives you a reward. It can be diamonds but as well you can be lucky enough to get new bat or map.
  • Training ground. You can train your style, or just learn more about the game in the training session. Here, every time players starts the game, the new cave is generated for him. Keep in mind that during training session collected gold and gems are not saved and you cannot use them in the in-game shop.
How visuals were created?

Every game content was created using free and great 3D software tool – Blender. Game developer by no mean is not skilled artist but he works hard to bring original look and feel for the game.

So the game is free?

Tour de Cave is made as a free game published for Android and iOS. The goal is to reach as many players as possible so the game and it’s content is available for all players without any cost.

But games development takes time and resources

Tour de Cave game implements very known, not disturbing monetization strategy. There is possible to pay for any additional content in the game like bats, maps and diamonds bundles. Of course all the content can be unlocked using just in-game premium currency – diamonds. Those can be found in the cave during daily map games. In addition there are some rewarded video ads that player can watch for his advantages, like getting new life and continue playing with currently collected golds or while saving a cave checkpoint (if player won’t spend his collected gold for it). Those ads are not disturbing/showned from nowhere pop ups and are visible only if player want it.

Daily score contributes to your country leaderboard?

In Tour de Cave we estimate your localization using your IP adress and internet provider data. Every best score contributes to the country that is estimated. In some cases the estimation can be not accurate so it's need to keep this in mind. If your IP provided by your internet provider belongs to other coutry/city our estimation can be incorrect.

Share your replay?

If you have good enough multiplayer bonus, recording can trigger. You can share your replay then from game over screen.

Broadcast permission?

It is allowed for the contents of Tour de Cave to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Tour de Cave is legally & explicitly allowed by the creator.

What next?

For now game is available only in english language, but there are plans to extend this. In future updates developer will localize game to other countries to reach even more gamers. Next steps will cover improvements and additions to game features, including more bats, maps, traps and more. Any feedback from players will be listened and consider in future development plans.

What about Fractal Pal?

Fractal Pal is a new game studio founded by Piotr, that the main goal will be to focus more on new games released even on more platforms. Any new information about the studio and it’s further work will be presented on studio web page.

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